What's new?

The future shall tell you.

It’s not news that news is a part of us. After all, if time doesn’t stop, and technology doesn’t pause, GMtel can’t stop either. And if tomorrow is here, now, we want to grow with what makes us go further, faster and much better. CodeLoad and Plug&Say, our Dev and Managed Services projects, emerge.

It is not a secret, but it is the soul of (our) business: taking from technologies all they can give, putting them even more at the service of our customers, is a structuring part of our DNA and one of the main drivers of our day-to-day. That’s why we created CodeLoad and Plug&Say: two technological – and human – spaces that allow us to respond in the best way to the dimension and demands of our projects.

Dev Services

At CodeLoad, we can work in code, but we speak your language. With full stack programming teams, we develop customized and fully dedicated applications. Besides the principles of “Agile” methodologies, we work with the most varied environments, frameworks and programming and development languages, whether HTML/CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, Java, C#, PHP, Phyton or Ruby.

Managed Services

At Plug&Say, experience speaks for itself – and for us: after long years of managing complex technology platforms, under demanding Service Level commitments, we now specialize in end-to-end IT services in Real-Time environments. Here, we manage all kinds of technologies, both infrastructure and operations, and our daily goal is 100% Operationality and Service Level.

And it's so good to hear you.