What we do from here,

for there.

It’s simple: we move in the universe of Contact Centers, without leaving any place untapped. That is, in addition to the implementation of technologies to support the activity of any Contact Center, we provide consulting and training services, with a view to assistance and development tailored to each client.

If we make the difference our covenant, we must have as differentiated as differentiating solutions as the basis of our activity (at least, as far as our market is concerned). Striving for knowledge, competence and professionalism, we have, therefore, and since 1999, based our strategy around two main pillars: on the one hand, partnerships with renowned companies in the area, guaranteeing experience, innovation and orientation for the future, with state-of-the-art-technology solutions; on the other, investment and the development of internal skills and customer orientation.

Available and tailored: we provide configuration and setup skills on all platforms we supply and install, always in accordance with the client’s interests.


Side by side: we configure, change and adapt services, design reports and grids, reinstall systems and applications, and implement new features – all with our customers.

Always connected: we keep the systems 100% operational, with no downtime, on all the technologies we implement, with 24 × 7 × 365 intervention availability (pre-defined SLA or scheduling specific interventions).

24 x 7, preventive, corrective and on-demand

In team: we guarantee the back with the manufacturers for interventions of the type Tier3 or 4, developing the capacity of joint intervention and the collaboration with teams, integrators and / or manufacturers of the client.

For some and for others, from one end to the other: we customize, integrate and develop specific software and applications, both for our customers of Contact Center infrastructure projects and for customers with their own requirements, regardless of the Contact Center platform.

And what are the advantages?

Multilingual, of course. Especially because it applies to everything: market platforms and standard languages ​​with HTML, Java, JavaScript, Php, JSON, AngularJS, SQL, among others.

With great technologies come great responsibilities. We know it from day one. Therefore, we believe that the involvement of our team (and their knowledge) in the environment in which the projects will live is essential. And an added value.

Over the years, we have risen to the challenge: some customers have proposed that we manage their technologies, including the provision of their own support infrastructure. Thus, we have made technologies duly managed and updated as services available, through various business models.

And what are the advantages?

Externalizing technologies facilitates their expansion, readjustment and / or evolution. And it was undoubtedly an additional motivation to invest in these new formats, placing internal skills at the service of the market – and customers. Today, we can say that we are prepared for any externalization project, whether through the implementation of Cloud models, on-premises or mixed.

It is essential to look inside to (know) how to do it outside: that is why we believe in the continuous training of our employees. First, we study the best contact center management practices; then, we teach the best contact center management practices. Everything so that our customers have the best of the best.

DGERT certified training

We believe in training so much that, later on, we created a specific area within the scope of Contact Center Management, certified by DGERT. Counting on the contribution of multiple internal and external trainers, in areas such as WorkForce Management, Metrics and Indicators and Universal Laws of Inbound, it has been (and will be) for 10 years.

And it's so good to hear you.