Do you know

RITA may have a person name, but it looks like a solution. Platform management support, is a tool oriented to the analysis of Real-Time and Near Real-Time indicators. Or, in other words, it not only aggregates information from multiple systems, but also allows its manipulation and reconstruction, obtaining specific and rigorous indicators from Customer Experience and Management.

Source/Vendor independent

It is independent of the original data source. Why is it independent? Because its modular architecture allows separating the components of information collection from those of processing and presentation of new information, and also from the final indicators.

CE&EM oriented

Its data and metadata structure was made to natively address the specific requirements of the Contact Center, Customer Experience & Engagement Management indicators. Especially with regard to Real-Time.

Easily customizable

The ease of creating dashboards and changing the visual presentation in a browser are perfect for the diversity of tastes, angles and perspectives that EC&EM managers include in their most relevant indicators.

In a diverse world, the difference is made to measure. That’s why RITA includes multiple dashboards in a variety of formats – so the information is presented to you. From room perspectives or Room Views, to Service Level indicators, instant or cumulative status tables of the day for interactions, channels, services or resources, the alternatives are endless.

Real-Time in Real-Time

In addition to incorporating multiple pages with Real-Time indicators, there are multiple options to track the activity of a room or a workgroup: in table, list or graph, indicators of status and performance instantaneous or accumulated daily.

Trends under a magnifying glass

The trend is to make the analysis of trends. Therefore, in the RITA Trends information, the deviation to the pattern (and its origin) is explained, through an evaluation of the behavior on the day. Everything to make it easier to anticipate – and understand – the least expected.


We all know that today’s devices are as mobile as our routines. That is why RITA was developed to allow their use in mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets, making it easier to read accurate and accessible information available.


And because dashboards are never too many, RITA offers the option to highlight each one. Being standalone, they can run stand-alone on a PC, monitor or LCD, or on a mobile device such as a wallboard with automatic update. Perfect for all tastes.

And it's so good to hear you.