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GMtel, a Portuguese company with its eyes on the world - and an eye on the future.

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At GMtel, we favour time and experience. The experience we have been building since day one, for 20 years; the experience of our technological partners which, as the awards say, could not be better; and the customer’s experience, who, as we well know, is always right. Therefore, we invest time making each project a special and specialized project, tailored to each one (and which fulfills all the needs), where the most innovative solutions are put to the service of the customers – company relationship.

Integrated Vision

To each, his own: after all, no two customers are the same and no technology project is just technology. At GMtel, we celebrate differences and we make them our payment, offering an integrated and customized answer. We know that each project is a set of people, customers (and customers’ customers), usability, safety, support, continuity, evolution, integration, skills and future.


See more, see (even) better: we believe, and bet on, the continuous training of our employees and of our customers’ employees, elevating their abilities and soft skills. How? By allying conventional training formats to disruptive leaps, to experimentation and shared learning. After all, an experient and multifaceted team can only go far.


More haste, more speed: we focus on the balance – simplicity, efficiency and speed -, introducing “agile” methodologies throughout the organization, from the design to the implementation, to the monitoring of customers. Therefore, we support companies on the construction and development of Customer Oriented platforms, in due time and starting on the center of this relationship: the Contact Center.


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being monitored in our customers.

We'll do it.

At GMtel, you can count on a highly specialized team with a lot of experience and will to grow. Welcome and nice to know you.

Hermínia Moutinho

CEO | Strategy and Innovation


António Brito

CTO | Projects and Technologies​


Guida Brito

CFO | Accounts and Sustainability


Sérgio Gaito

Head of Communication Applications Solutions |Systems and Applications


Tiago Prudêncio

Head of Database & Networking | Development and Optimization


Rui Joaquim

Head of User Experience Applications | Interactions and Management


Clóvis Cavalheiro

Head of Applications Architecture | Interactions and AI


Helder Silva

Head of Customer Management | Solutions and Services


Mihail Kanazirev

Head of Software Development | Voice and Real-Time Applications​


Our projects.

From the first day, in 1999, we tried to make a difference, realizing diversity. Which is like saying, we dedicate ourselves to all kinds of projects, whether small, medium or large; all kinds of services, whether installation, physical change, development or integration; and all kinds of sectors, whether Banking, Outsourcing or Telecommunications. And since the first day, in 1999, we have focused so much (but so much) on the concerns of the customer, that we live with them. Our role is clear: to be a facilitating agent, trying to be a different and agile integrator. Just as the market demands. International customers Successful projects, allied to the levels of Certification, have earned us recognition as a preferred partner. Inside and outside – or many European integrators would not choose GMtel as an implementation and support partner when they bring their projects to Portugal. 20 years after that first day, in 1999, we have more than 20 indirect international clients, in sectors such as IT, Banking, Logistics and Pharmaceuticals.


National and international contact centers, of medium and large size. Supported by robust technologies, with inbound functionalities in contact routing and delivery, based on sophisticated distribution, segmentation and delivery algorithms. Supported by high availability self-service solutions and integrated with business applications.

Banking Sector

National contact centers, of medium size. Supported by recognized robustness technologies, with inbound routing and pre-routing functionalities and the dynamic identification of the most adequate assistants for each service. Complemented with WorkForce Management and/or Quality Assurance functionalities.


National and international contact centers, of medium and large size. Supported by recognized robustness technologies, powerful self-service solutions, integrated with customer applications, and international interconnection to multiple global telecommunications operators.

Services and Utilities

National contact centers, of small and medium size. Supported in all-in-one technologies, easy to implement and maintain, multi-technology, with telephony, CTI, support applications, scripting, CRM, Reporting, Dashboards and recording, etc. They value the integration between components and global operation.

Medium and Large Contact Centers

Projects in which the robustness and sophistication of the skills-based routing and pre-routing functionalities are one of the recognized strengths, in parallel with the high operational availability of the different Contact Center components (ACD, CTI, Self-service, SBCs, WFM, Quality, etc.).

Small Contact Centers

Projects where flexibility, ease of implementation and use, and the inclusion of all requirements in a single platform (recording, CTI, callback, script, etc.) are fundamental requirements. Some of these customers also develop with us consulting and training projects in the most varied formats and methodologies.


Diversity and common sense: the applicational projects had and have as objective the development and/or integration of diverse applications in the same Contact Center environment. Everything to facilitate and optimize the operations of assistants and/or supervisors and managers.


Without bases, there is no structure. That's why we bet on the installation of Contact Center systems in our customers' infrastructures (on-premises), either in traditional or cloud environments - the latter totally virtualized, in a Managed Services model.


It's made here, it's kept there. Or, in other words, we also look beyond frontiers, doing the installation and support of Contact Center infrastructures for international customers who want to create, maintain and/or grow their operations in Portugal.


With great technologies come great responsibilities. We know this from day one. Therefore, we believe that the involvement of our team (and their knowledge) in the environment in which the projects will live is essential. And an added value.


It is essential to look inside to (know how to) do outside: that is why we believe in the continuous training of our employees. We believe so much, in fact, that we have created a specific area of training in the area of Contact Center Management, certified by DGERT.

Sectors and markets

If the future is in plain sight, it’s only natural that we don’t stop here. That is, in addition to our experience in the Banking, Telcos, Outsourcing, Utilities and Services sectors, our customer portfolio also includes other sectors such as Healthcare, Insurance, E-commerce, Logistics, Pharmaceuticals and IT. And if the future is within everyone’s reach, it is natural that, at GMtel, we respond with the same agility and competence to projects from any region of the country. It is also natural that in each project, we assume a consulting role, crossing the best of there with the best of here. That is, combining the organization’s internal know-how with the most disruptive (and least addicted) experience that an external vision guarantees us. Naturally.


And it's so good to hear you.