More efficient service?


We professionalized the service and reduced the rate of customer abandonment, of our customer.

This project brought some challenges. First, we were asked to professionalize the service with a view to reducing customer abandonment. We used the Avaya Portfolio for small Contact Centers, with statistics and reporting, and created a more simplified and, they say, much more satisfactory service by browser. The next challenge was to record statistics and information on abandoned interactions, voice and chat. Our response was very direct: we implemented a 100% virtual environment that allowed remote and relocated service, thus facilitating the management of assistants. We were also asked to increase the attendance rate and the SLA with the aim of, once again, decreasing abandonment attempts. We managed to increase the rate of business contacts and, once again, we decreased the attempts to abandon them. Finally, they challenged us to increase the autonomy of assistants in callback actions. The result was much more accessibility, there it is, accessible. None of this would have been possible without GMtel’s specialized consulting, design, implementation, virtualization, development, integration and training services to transmit GMtel know-how to the customer. Specific features were also developed to give the client potential that did not exist but that, he tells us, thankfully they do exist.

And it's so good to hear you.