International service
in national territory?


We implemented 1000 service positions for an international company in Portugal, in 3 months.

The first order was a big one – to implement 1000 service positions in Portugal, in 3 months. And yes, everything from scratch. The answer was that. We created an integrated service solution with remote technologies in European territory. As? With the support of the Avaya Contact Center portfolio, we created a voice answering system with CTI components, automatic answering, SBCs, reporting and statistics. All of this adds up to our specialized consulting, design, implementation and, of course, integration and training services to transmit our know-how. But the project does not end here. We also created an integrated voice solution with a national voice network with the installation of more than 30 machines; through the partial virtualization environment we bet on human service in several regions of the interior of the country to support the most isolated areas; and, in response to the risk of expected coordination failures in companies with many entities involved, we created a solution implemented with active-active geographic redundancy to minimize potential outages. None of this would be possible without GMtel management and coordination and the ease of articulation between all entities. After the deadlines and requests were fulfilled, the feeling was of duty (well) fulfilled.

And it's so good to hear you.