WorkForce Management and Quality Monitoring Multichannel?

We have, of course.

We created a unique team management platform for a team of around 500 agents.

Another big project, another big challenge. In fact, two. First we were asked if we were able to increase the efficiency of a team of 500 agents, also increasing the effectiveness of the service in the voice, email and chat channels. Our answer? The creation of a unique team management platform (of their schedules, performance and individual development) built through Verint’s Workforce Optimization, including Workforce Management and Quality and Performance Management. This project even involved a team of more than 8 professionals, including consultants and technicians, and a number of GMtel services – specialized consultancy for WorkForce Management and Quality in a Contact Center and Customer Experience environment; design, implementation, integration and training of users; and training to transmit our know-how to the customer. The second request was to increase the efficiency of the service quality management team, as well as the objectivity of the process. Order and done: today the service team is more satisfied with the autonomy and self-management of changes and schedule adjustments and is now much more efficient. We also increased the availability of the quality team to engage in activities with greater added value in the development of the service team. All done through the partial virtualization environment and, of course, an experienced team entirely dedicated to the project.

And it's so good to hear you.